Reviews of The Addictions Academy

Students Reviews from actual students that completed courses at The Addictions Academy are paramount to making a choice for your schooling. You, the student want to know you are receiving a quality education that you can utilize in the field of addiction in private practice or possibly working for a treatment center. Hearing first-hand accounts of students that are just like you is important when studying to be a recovery coach, interventionist, or addictions counselor. You want to ensure that the education center you chose will assist you with marketing, job hunting, and provide you with a community in which to grow and spread your wings. The Addictions Academy has everything from online self-study classes in the field of a recovery coach, life coach, interventionist, and more to live virtual classrooms to actual live classroom classes. We are in 28 countries, 5 languages, and have 40 classes and 20 different teachers.

Internationally Certified Intervention Professional Training
It was great information and I really appreciate it. I enjoyed your style and felt you packed a lot of good information in a short period of time.

Dr. Andrew Baker LMHC. NCC
Professor of Psychology at Florida Atlantic University


internationally Certified Adolescent Addiction and Mental Health coach Training
Internationally Certified Adolescent Addiction and Mental Health coach Training

It was great! The pace and information fits well with the way I personally operate. I also appreciate the style of the class , as it isn’t as clinical as many can be? We are coaches after all.
Geoff Shea

It was awesome, loved all the diverse representations of the generations
Mike Wassemiller

Dr Cali is amazing !!!
Kelly Landon